The Marches of January

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We’re usually especially busy in January, but much more this year. More to the point, consistent-lifers and pro-life feminists have gotten way, way, way more coverage than usual. This is easily done, since in the past we rarely got any. We were delighted to get one quotation into one article. There is something about current circumstances that lends itself to getting more attention. Clues to that can be found in the wording of the headlines.

So we offer links to coverage in the mainstream media, plus lots of photos of the highlights of participation. There were also people who engaged in local actions around the country.

Women’s March, January 21

Washington DC, San Francisco, and all over the U.S.

Karen Rose and Kate Sills

The Washington Post: Opinion: Susan B. Anthony would never have joined the Women’s March on Washington, by Carol Crossed and Eric Anthony

The Washington Post: Opinion: I’m an anti-abortion feminist. I’ll walk at the Women’s March, whether organizers like it or not, by Aimee Murphy

The Washington Post: Is there a place at the Women’s March for women who are politically opposed to abortion?, by Perry Stein

CNN: I’m a feminist against abortion. Why exclude me from a march for women?, by Erika Bachiochi

The Atlantic: These Pro-Lifers Are Headed to the Women’s March on Washington. Is there room in the movement for people who morally object to abortion?, by Emma Green

The New York Times: Views on Abortion Strain Calls for Unity at Women’s March on Washington, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg

The Daily Beast: SHORT-SIGHTED: March Organizers Must Welcome Pro-Lifers. If ever there was a time when pro-choice and pro-life feminists need to find and fight for common ground, it’s now, by Keli Goff

Life Matters Journal Meet-up in San Francisco / Terrisa Bukovinac and Aimee Murphy


We  don’t have  photos of the D.C. contingent, nor the ones in Los Angeles or Kansas City.

West Coast Walk for Life – San Francisco, January 21

March for Life – Washington DC, January 27

(Expo with exhibits January 26-27)

Tom Taylor, Rachel MacNair, and Richard Stith

RealClearPolitics: Pro-Life Feminists’ Broader Message Is Nonviolence, by Melissa Cruz

BuzzFeed: These People Marched Against Abortion — And Against Trump, by Ema O’Connor, January 28, 2017, “You can call yourself pro-life as much as you want,” one March For Life attendee said, “but if you are keeping refugees out while bombing their countries, if you are sexually assaulting women and … bragging about it, it’s not enough.”

National Public Radio (NPR), Connections with Evan Dawson. Discussing the March for Life and the Movement’s Next Steps. Guests include Audrey Sample of Feminists for Nonviolent Choices and Rosemary Geraghty of Life Matters Journal. February 1, 2017.







John Whitehead with a visitor to our table / Rachel MacNair PhD and Martha Shuping MD at Students for Life Table

At Students for Life, 80 copies of Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion were distributed.

And people in our member groups chat with people at their tables:

Kristen Day & Matt Tuman, Democrats for LIfe / Kelsey Hazzard, Secular Pro-life

C.J. Williams & Lisa Twigg, Life Matters Journal/Carrie Dodge, And Then There Were None


Consistent Life endorsers Shane Claiborne and John Dear were among the 18 people arrested at a protest in front of the US Supreme Court on January 17, marking the 40th anniversary of the court allowing executions to resume: The Action to Stop Executions.


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  1. Louise Kaegi says:

    Excellent series for all of us. I have some friends who went to the Chicago Woman’s Walk who did not notice that prolifers were explicitly excluded or disinvited and had trouble believing reports of that rejection. With the national women’s Walk we now have pro-abortion rights spokesperson Whoopie Goldberg’s testimony, publicly apologizing for the group’s refusal to accept and actively disinvite women identifying as pro-life. Spread the word! Louise Kaegi, President of the Hyde Park/Kenwood Pro-Life Association, “Rules of Engagement in the Messaging Campaign over Abortion.

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