Maryland March for Life 2024

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Christina Yao Pelliccioni

by Christina Yao Pelliccioni

On Monday, March 11, Maryland had its annual March for Life. It was the first time I had gone since COVID started, and the first time I brought my husband and son along. In fact, it was the first time I had gone since I had gotten married or had a son! The March had been smaller when the COVID pandemic was worse, but now was happening in full capacity. I wore my Consistent Life t-shirt, brought our banner, and was ready to go!

My husband and son came to pick me up early from work to hit the road for an hour’s drive to the state capital of Annapolis from my work in the DC suburbs. My son of course fell asleep in the car, but was so excited when he woke up and we were right on the water at St. Mary’s Church. We went to the mass before the march (CLN is a secular organization, but I am Catholic) and it was jam packed! A kind couple scooted over so that I could sit down with my son on my lap, but of course we did not last in the pew for very long. One good thing about pro-life events is that no one ever seems to mind screaming children! From the way back of the church I was able to make out a bit of the petitions, and was delighted that along with prayers for an end to abortion, there were prayers for an end to racism and the death penalty.

Husband  Ethan Pelliccioni and son Nathaniel, 2 years old

We then went on the short March from the church to the capitol building and back, with my son carrying a sign the whole way. He was so excited! My husband, who is Jewish, was glad to meet representatives from the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, who had traveled all the way from Pittsburgh. We also met people who had come the other direction from Virginia to show their support for pro-life legislation in Maryland.

This has been a crucial year for Maryland, since this November we’ll vote on a state constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion as a “right.” That was put on the ballot by the legislature..

There is hope, however, because we had an Assisted Suicide bill that never got out of committee. What a relief!

It was wonderful to see member groups the American Solidarity Party and Democrats for Life at the March. It was wonderful to connect with those I hadn’t seen in a few years, all coming together to protect life in Maryland. I look forward to next year’s Maryland March for Life, as well as other pro-life events in and outside of our great state!


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