Our Experience with Overturning Terrible Court Decisions

by Rachel MacNair Several US Supreme Court decisions have been horrifying. What lessons can we learn from history? Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857 Dred Scott was an enslaved man who petitioned the Court for his freedom and that of his wife and their two daughters, because they had been moved to a state without slavery….

Courageous Woman: Elizabeth Anscombe (1919-2001)

by Julianne Wiley (a.k.a. Juli Loesch) In the fall of 1939, shortly after Great Britain declared war on Germany, the Royal Air Force was openly promoting a counter-city bombing strategy against Germany. They were preparing to carpet bomb entire cities. Their first target in each city would be the city water-pumping stations, and then they would wipe…

Ancient Roots of the Consistent Life Ethic: Greece

by Mary Krane Derr  The ancient Greek mathematician, musician, vegetarian, and spiritual teacher Pythagoras (580? BCE-??) taught a nonviolence ethic rooted in the kinship of all living beings. Pythagoras’ ethic did not exclude or denigrate women. Most unconventionally, Pythagoras defined only sexual misconduct, not intercourse itself, as polluting. He accepted women equally as his students….

Reminiscing on the Founding Meeting of the Consistent Life Network

 by Carol Crossed   Twenty-nine years ago, March 1987, Consistent Life was born. Patti Narciso and Scott Rains, directors of ProLifers for Survival, affectionately called PS, were the spiritual parents of what was to become and is today, the consistent life ethic movement. It began as The Seamless Garment Network. Former PS coordinator Mary Rider…

Book Review: Defenders of the Unborn

by Carol Crossed Defenders of the Unborn:  The Pro-life Movement before Roe v Wade is one of the few books about abortion that I read without dozing off within the first 15 minutes.  Maybe this is because I know very little about the movement in the 1960s and 70s.  My days were absorbed with petitions…