The Cure for Headache

Posted on June 15, 2021 By

by  Acyutananda

Cut off your head to be rid of
All those pounds of ugly fat!
Can’t you find any better
Solution than that?

“Got to end this endless war,”
Said President Truman,
So he pulled out all the stops,
Did something inhuman.

Tony Timpa got excitable
(It was cocaine self-pollution),
So they arrested his cardiac,
Called it conflict resolution.

Your child was inside of you,
I know you wished it weren’t.
Now the earth is scorched,
And innocence burnt.

It’s now the 21st Century
Since the Golden Rule,
That bright idea
That we learned in school.

© 2021

Author: Acyutananda (“c” pronounced as in “ciao”) is a yoga monk. He believes in the consistent life ethic. His blog is


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