Medical Dangers, Sex Abuse, Labor Problems, Racism: Documenting Planned Parenthood

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by Rachel MacNair


Problems at Planned Parenthood is a new website that lets the facts speak for themselves. This site offers extensive documentation, organized under each of the almost 600 U.S. Planned Parenthood centers. It’s sponsored by the Problems at Planned Parenthood Committee.

The site also offers thousands of patient reviews from Google and Yelp, and hundreds of Indeed reviews from employees.

The intended audience is:

  • Those who refer people to Planned Parenthood
  • Researchers of any kind – journalists, legislators, students, or people who want to verify something they thought was unbelievable.
  • Individuals and foundations considering donating to Planned Parenthood
  • Individuals considering using Planned Parenthood’s services.

The site contains documentation that is almost entirely without interpretation. The intended audiences may be turned off by explicitly pro-life insights.

These are primarily related to specific centers, though occasionally they may cover the region or state. The home page has a list that lets you link to the state or region of interest. There’s also an index with each different problem listing the centers that have documentation on that problem.

There are two similar sites – Check My Clinic and Both of these offer documentation on all abortion facilities, whether they’re Planned Parenthood or not. This site covers all Planned Parenthood centers, whether they do abortions or not. About a third of the centers don’t do them, but all at least refer for abortions.

This site is also more comprehensive; for example, labor problems are the kind of thing that might be found troublesome to people who are otherwise Planned Parenthood supporters.

Note: also still available is Grassroots Defunding: Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood. This site is entirely for pro-life activists and organizers. It lists nearby Community Health Centers and other resources and information for each Planned Parenthood center, and is frequently updated with feedback from prolife activists. It’s sponsored by the Consistent Life Network.  


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