Jacqueline H. Abernathy







What’s Cruel for the Incarcerated is Cruel for the Terminally Ill

Rob Arner

Rob Arner is author of Consistently Pro-Life: The Ethics of Bloodshed in Ancient Christianity

My Day at the Democratic National Convention

On Being a Consistent Chimera

The Consistent Life Consensus in Ancient Christianity 

The Real Meaning of Mother’s Day

Where Does Martin Luther King Jr. Fit Into the Consistent Life Ethic? 

Dorothy Day and the Consistent Life Ethic: Rejecting Conventional Political Paradigms

The Early Christian Tradition

Mary Lou Bennett







The Tragedy of Carrie Buck: A Review of Imbeciles

Mothers and Daughters (movie review)

Book Review: “Resisting Throwaway Culture”

Daniel Berrigan





“Seamless Garment” – Poem by Daniel Berrigan

Ms. Boomer-ang (pen name)

Political Homelessness is Better than a Wrong Political Home

John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe

Five excerpts from the book Racism and Abortion by John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe: 

  1. Plato’s Words about Eugenics
  2. The Jukes and Kallikaks “Studies”
  3. Sterilizing the “Unfit”
  4. Post-World War II Eugenics
  5. Eugenics in Roe v. Wade

Shane Claiborne







A New Pro-life Movement 

Carol Crossed

Carol Crossed

First Stirrings in Connecting the Life Issues

The Adventures of Prolifers for Survival: Scorned by Mobilization for Survival

Reminiscing on the Founding Meeting of the Consistent Life Network

Spice Things Up with the Consistent Life Ethic

Pondering Justice 

The Parable of the Bridge

Guns and Abortion: Extremists Resemble Each Other 

Valentine Friends: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass 

Defenders of the Unborn: The Pro-life Movement Before Roe v. Wade / Carol Crossed (book by Daniel K. Williams)

Thad Crouch








Mourning After & Hoping for the Future, We Call for a Consistent Life Texas!

Mary Krane Derr

Mary’s expertise was in historical research for pro-life feminism and the consistent life ethic. She was responsible for most of the “Yesterday” section of ProLife Feminism: Yesterday and Today. She died in 2012; see our memorial special issue.  

Progressive Prolifers at the Progressive Magazine 100th Anniversary Celebration 

Ancient Roots of the Consistent Life Ethic: Greece

Women’s History Month: Jane Addams

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Sarah Field

Sarah Field believes she can learn something from everyone she meets. She has also contributed to the Imago Dei Politics and American Solidarity Party blogs.

Abortion and War: Breaking through the Euphemism Barrier

Destiny Herndon-de la Rosa







Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty

Andrew Hocking

Andrew Hocking writes about spiritual and political themes in movies, TV, and books at

How to Value People Like Mister Rogers

Three Nonviolent Lessons from Dr. Who

How Black Panther Promotes a Consistent Life Ethic

A Consistent Day in the Neighborhood

Maria Horan

Sinn Féin and the New Legacy of Violence

The Referendum on Abortion in Ireland: The Violation of Rights

Northern Ireland’s New Colonialism

Ireland’s Votes for Violence: Sinn Féin and Abortion

Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson Remembers Dan Berrigan

Jim Kelly

No Resort to Violence 

The History of Framing the Arguments

Common Ground

The Future of Fake Conservatism

Jeff Koloze

Right-to-Life Issues in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Literature

Eve Dawn Kuha

Coming to Peace and Living a Consistent Life After Military Service

Frank Lane

My Personal Journey on Veganism, War, and Abortion

Sharon Long

Sharon Long: My Personal Pro-life Journey

Mary Liepold

Off the Fence and Taking My Stand on Abortion

Rachel MacNair

Rachel – Reflections on Social Movements

It’s a Wonderful Movement 

Activists, Beware: Burnout is a Very Real Danger

Converts or Heretics?

Tribalism: A Major Obstacle for Building Bridges

Inconsistency Sabotages the Peace Movement 

Almost No One? How Survey Polls Work

Why Haven’t We Ended Abortion?

Unconnecting a Dot? (Campaign Nonviolence)

Why the Interfaith Approach is Important / Rachel MacNair

Rachel – Strategies

Tips on Dialogue

Peace and Life Referendums (2020)

Rachel – How Ideas Work

The Creativity of the Fore-closed Option 

Where Violence Begins

The Mind’s Drive for Consistency

Rachel – Reflections on Aspects of Issues

Figuring out Euthanasia: What Does it Really Mean?

More than Double the Trouble: Another Way of Connecting [intersectionality]

A Historical Success Story: Duels

Our Experience with Overturning Terrible Court Decisions

Would Nonviolence Work on the Nazis?

Difference this Time: Prolife Heroism (Garrett Swasey, the pro-life police officer killed in shootings at the Colorado Planned Parenthood]

Rachel – Pro-life feminism

How Abortion is Useful for Rape Culture

If Men Could Get Pregnant 

What Do Men Have to Say on Abortion?

Who the Law Targets

Why the Hyde Amendment Helps Low-Income Women

A Pro-Life Feminist Critique of the “Rape and Incest Exception”

Misogyny vs. Patriarchy

Rachel – Adventures

Violence Bolstered by Professional Contradictions (in the American Psychological Association)

A Tale of Two Cruises 

My Trip to Pakistan

Wars Cause Abortion

Rachel – Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood?

Noncooperation with Planned Parenthood

Finding Alternatives to Planned Parenthood

Does Planned Parenthood Reduce Abortions by Preventing Pregnancies? r

Rachel – Movie Reviews

Hollywood Movie Insigts (The Giver, The Whistleblower, and The Ides of March)

Movies with Racism Themes: “Gosnell” and “The Hate U Give”

Jasmine, Aladdin, and the Power of Nonviolence

The Darkest Hour: “Glorifying” War?

Rachel – excerpts from Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion

Excerpt – Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion

Excerpt — Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion: Wars Cause Abortion

Excerpt – Peace Psychology Perspectives on Abortion: Child Abuse

Tony Masalonis







Will for Life – Double Down

Mary Meehan

Activists Reminisce: An Oral History of Prolifers for Survival

A President for Life and Peace?

Kristin Monahan

Parallels of Veganism and Prolife-ism

Vasu Murti

Suffering and Injustice Concern Us All [connection to compassion for animals]

Abortion and War are the Karma for Killing Animals 

Patrick O’Neill

(with wife Mary Rider)

Remembering Rep. Walter B. Jones, Jr.

Aneeza Pervez

Reconstruction of a Nation: Resilience in the Face of Terror  (Pakistan)

Karen Swallow Prior

Karern Swallow Prior
Nukes and the Pro-Life Christian: A Conservative Takes a Second Look at the Morality of Nuclear Weapons

Jessica Renshaw

In addition to the book The Reynolds Family, the Nuclear Age and a Brave Wooden Boat, Jessica has written To Russia with Love: An American Family Challenges Nuclear Testing, and a biography of her mother: MUM: The Conscience, Courage and Compassion of Barbara Reynolds, 1915-1990.

The Reynolds Family, the Nuclear Age and a Brave Wooden Boat

Mary Rider







Activists Reminisce: An Oral History of Prolifers for Survival

Bill Samuel

Bill Samuel is a Board member and former President of the Consistent Life Network. He is a retired civil servant living in Rockville, Maryland, and an active ecumenical Christian.







Does the Consistent Life Ethic Water Down Life Issues?

The Good Grandma

Supporting the Dignity of Every Life

Brown v. Board of Education and Me

Should Abortions be Illegal?

Win-Lose is a Mirage

A Way Beyond the Abortion Wars? / (review of book by Charles C. Camosy)

Martha Shuping

Abortion and Violence against Pregnant Women

Julia Smucker

The Price of Violence: When Dehumanizing the Vulnerable Hurts One’s Own Causes

Amnesty International’s Blind Spot 

Defining Reproductive Justice: An Encounter

The Redemptive Personalism of Saint Oscar Romero\

Media Stories on Abortion Access

What Does it Mean to be Inconsistent?

On Praying for the Military

Is Abortion Different from Other Violence?

Monica Sohler

Monica with baby Maura

My Difficulty in Voting: Identifying the Problem


Lisa Stiller

People Are So Much More Than Their Circumstances 

The Adventures of Organizing as a Consistent Lifer 

Adventures as a Delegate to the Democratic Party Convention

Intolerance Knows No Partisan Boundaries 

The Frustrations of Being a Consistent Life Activist

Removing Health Care Access is an Act of Violence

Would My Grandparents Have Died in the Pogroms?

Fifty Years of Protesting for Peace

Richard Stith









Equal Concern for Each Human Being, Not for Each Human Issue

Open Letter to Fellow Human Rights Activists

When “Choice” Itself Hurts the Quality of Life 

A Friendly Approach

Life-Affirming Doctors

The Mirror-Image Counterpart of the Selfish Society

Oppressors of Women Scapegoat Fetuses to Preserve Patriarchy

Tom Taylor








Stewardship and the Consistent Life Ethic

Sarah Terzo

Different Ways of Looking at Issues 

The Vital Need for Diversity 

Abortion Doctor Says: We are the Executioners

How Euthanasia and Poverty Threaten the Disabled 

How Ableism Led (and Leads) to Abortion

Healing for the Perpetrators: The Psychological Damage from Different Types of Killing

John Whitehead







John – Lessons from History

Rejecting Mass Murder: Looking Back on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Finding Common Ground on and Learning from World War II 

The Wages of War, Part 1: How Abortion Came to Japan

Wages of War, Part 2: How Forced Sterilization Came to Japan

Finding Common Ground on and Learning from World War II

“Everybody Else in the World Was Dead”: Hiroshima’s Legacy

East Germany’s Peaceful Revolution: Remembering the Berlin Wall’s Fall

“Remember Pearl Harbor—Keep ‘Em Dying”: War and Racism in the Pacific

John – Comments on Contemporary Events

Reflections on the Charlie Gard Case 

Three Reasons for Opposing the US Bombing of Syria

Varieties of Hawk: Clinton v. Trump on Foreign Policy

Human Rights & the Right to Life: Reconsidering Conventional Human Rights Activism

John – Strategy

Seeking Peaceful Coexistence: The Varied Ways of Supporting a Consistent Life Ethic

Making the Case for Peace to Conservatives

Using Empathy during a New Cold War

Breaking Stereotypes in Fearful Times

Pro-Life Voting Strategy: A Problem without an Answer

John – Reviews

Recognizing Humanity: Orwell and the Consistent Life Ethic

“Somewhere Else When the Trigger is Pulled”: Orwell and War

How to Move from Theory to Practice: Reading “A Consistent Life” (book by Mary Grace Coltharp & Aimee Murphy)

A War on the People: A Review of One Child Nation

Julianne Wiley

The Myth of Sexual Autonomy 

Courageous Woman: Elizabeth Anscombe (1919-2001)

Activists Reminisce: An Oral History of Prolifers for Survival

C.J. Williams






When Women Lead

Purple Sash Revolution