“I Gave Birth to Too Many Children”: Population Control and Repression in Xinjiang

by John Whitehead The Chinese government is currently pursuing a campaign of repression against Muslim ethnic minorities in the region of Xinjiang. Prompted by fears of terrorism and separatism, the roughly three-year-old campaign has reportedly involved surveillance, imprisonment, and psychological and physical torture. The campaign may also involve coercive population control, including sterilization and abortion….

Reconstruction of a Nation: Resilience in the Face of Terror

by Aneeza Pervez   Research Associate – Department of Psychology, Government College University Lahore, Pakistan       The resounding echo of gunshots created a symphony of chaos on the cold and dreary December morning. A nation stood still in their steps while a cold deeper than dropping temperatures penetrated their bodies, wreaking havoc in…

Breaking Stereotypes in Fearful Times

by John Whitehead Several incidents of terrorism that occurred in the United Kingdom this spring—the suicide bombing of a concert in Manchester, two attacks in London by men using trucks and knives—have understandably received much attention and provoked much horror and outrage. Along with such appropriate responses as sympathy for the victims and their families…