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“But I was Empty”: The Story of a Doctor Who Left Planned Parenthood

by Sarah Terzo The pro-life group Live Action did an interview with former abortionist Patti Giebink, who did abortions at Planned Parenthood for three years after performing abortions in her residency. Giebink is now a pro-life activist. Giebink entered medical school with strong pro-choice beliefs, which she now says she never questioned or really examined….

Abby Johnson Remembers Dan Berrigan

Both Abby Johnson and Dan Berrigan are Consistent Life endorsers. Abby Johnson  ministers to abortion clinic workers to help them leave the industry and heal through her organization And Then There Were None and her book, Unplanned, recently adapted as a feature film, which tells the story of her conversion from Planned Parenthood Clinic Director…

Healing for the Perpetrators: The Psychological Damage from Different Types of Killing

by Sarah Terzo Violence harms not only its victims but in some cases also harms its perpetrators. Consistent Life Network Vice President Rachel MacNair has written extensively on how those who kill (in war, in abortion clinics, in execution chambers) are psychologically damaged by their actions, a situation she calls “Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress (PITS).” Recent…