“Seamless Garment” — Poem by Daniel Berrigan

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The beauty of the “seamless garment” image!

No one, not one

exposed to the rude winds of the world,

No one, however lorn or lost, out in the cold.

No one rejected, no one unwanted!

the unborn, the aged, ill, condemned,

the expendable, “lives of no worth”-

no matter the tag,

everyone matters!

If these are expendable, who is precious?

No one is expendable!

Everyone wrapped in a vast enfolding embrace,

a garment designed by God

bequeathed to us we

wear it proudly, tend it, repair it,

cherish it, design it anew,

yes, lend it , offer it everywhere!

a baptismal robe for the twice-born,

the woof and warp of our humanity!

316 Berrigan

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  1. wow i cant even imagine that a poem can be compose on seamless garment
    Seamless Saree Shaper

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